Improve your focus on software quality management

Application understanding via EZSource in-depth analysis is the key to identifying issues and establishing a quality oriented culture.

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Reduce application complexity and take control.

Use a structured approach with EZSource to strip out application complexity and improve quality standards.

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Lose the fear of changing complex business applications.

With EZSource you can confidently understand and estimate the impact of performing application change to a high standard of accuracy and quality.

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Get more value from your application assets.

Use EZSource to appraise applications against industry standard measures of quality and complexity and do "more for less".

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Best in class software quality with EZSource

Automated, accurate analysis of your applications

Understanding and managing software applications and their quality in context of the “real world” business they support requires deep understanding of the complete structure of all application components and the way they interconnect in executing end to end business processes to ensure contextual software quality throughout the IT landscape.
Our customers typically achieve improvements in the order of :
  • Planning and Assessment, 50 to 80%
  • Design, Development and Testing, 60 to 80%
  • Support and Maintenance, 30 to 40%
  • Documentation, 60 to 90%

What's New

IBM Closes Acquisition of EZSource

IBM today announced it has completed the acquisition of EZ Legacy Ltd. (EZSource).

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IBM to Acquire EZSource

IBM today announced that it plans to acquire EZ Legacy Ltd. (EZSource), an Israel-based application discovery company. Read more ...
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